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The Consortium of Early Childhood Educators was born out of the necessity to develop solutions for the industry workforce crisis and to develop equity in the field of Early Education. We formed a workforce development sector to assess community needs. The Early Education Workforce Development Sector consists of community stakeholders and concerned organizations. Together we assessed the lack of quality staff available for the early education industry, and other areas of disparities in the Early Childhood Education community.


Next our founding Directors Committee continued to brainstorm and develop solutions to fruition. We developed an apprenticeship and internship program with a learning management system, to address the lack of a qualified workforce and strengthen centers of color.

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We believe that early childhood education is the foundation for lifelong learning and success.

By investing in our children today, we are shaping the future for generations to come.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Developing Educators, 

Strengthening Centers

Advocating for Equitable Policies

 to Educate Children of Color

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Our Vision

We have a vision to develop a highly qualified workforce of  Early Childhood Educators that meet the cultural needs of African American children and children of color, through apprenticeships and internships with measurable outcomes, and advocacy for full inclusion at the policy tables both state and locally. Thereby, supporting our children, families and communities with honesty and integrity.

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