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Our Apprenticeship Program


The CAA-ECE Apprenticeship Program is a professional program support for early education degree programs. Our apprenticeship aligns classroom field experience with instruction from degree/CDA programs, guided by our Learning Management System and consortium specialists. The CDA apprenticeship is a 12-month program which upon successful completion, qualifies the candidate for entry into the Associate degree apprenticeship.

The Associate degree apprenticeship program is a 24-month program with permanent employment opportunities available at 24 months. The onboarding tool prepares individuals to effectively count in ratios and progress as an integral part of the centers teaching team.

How Do I Know If Apprenticeship Is Right For Me?

Are you thinking about a career in Early Childood Education?
Do you have a love for children and a desire to influence their lives?
Does working with families appeal to you?

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions...

A career in Early Childhood Education may be right for you!

The field of Early Childhood Education is full of vast opportunities for upwardly mobile individuals.

Check out the career opportunities and professional progression available to you.

Early Childhood Education Employment Opportunities
Apply for Apprenticeship Today!

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