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CAA-ECE is a non-profit organization committed to providing invaluable resources and information to center directors in the child education industry. Our focus is on keeping you informed of the latest developments and practices in the field so you can provide the most up-to-date education to the children in your care. 



Quickly go from trainee to trainer using The Rule the Room training method: How to Train Anything to Anyone.

 Instantly learn how to train, teach or facilitate any short class. In this 4 hour program you will see examples of how to show confidence, build rapport, motivate and teach adult learners, and feel comfortable doing it. 

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Important Director ECE Dates & Deadlines

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Director's Desk

Our Preferred Safety Instructor

Compress CPR & First Aid Training 

Ser, CEO

AHA & ARC Certified Instructor


“They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Director's Desk

Commercial Banker

Rene J. McClain

Vice President

Business Development

NMLS ID 584492


Wesbanco bank, Inc.

4811 Cooper Road

Cincinnati, Oh 45242


Phone: 1(513) 901-7024

Fax: 1(513) 791-8945

Personal & Business Legal Services

Attorney Ashley Ingram

Thomas Ingram Law Group, LLC

98 Hamilton Park

Columbus, OH 43203


Phone: 1(614) 340-9570

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